How Do We Stack Up in a Direct Web Hosting Comparison?

We have smashed EVERYONE in performance, and we promise to do the same for you with our quality of service. In fact, we are so confident in our high end web hosting, that we have decided to objectively compare hosting providers which you have been stuck with until now, to our own private web hosting services. Here is how we stack up against some of our big-name competitors.

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In our web hosting comparison, we have challenged some of the biggest web hosting companies in Australia and around the world. These are the providers who are regularly recommended by web design and marketing agencies. To keep everything fair, we have made sure that each provider we are comparing ourselves to charges a similar on-going monthly fee (give or take a few dollars) and is loading the same typical WordPress shopping site. We have made no alterations to the "out of the box", default configuration on any of the hosting plans. In simple terms, what you see is what you get.

Which Website Hosting Service is Best?

How does a high-quality web hosting service work for you and your business? In 2021 and beyond, the speed of your website is crucial. This is especially important if you are hoping to rank high on Google and other search engines. Recently, Google has started putting more and more emphasis on page experience and site speed of the websites it shows to its users in high positions. There are two key elements working for the speed of your website – server speed and site load.

What is Server Speed?

Server speed is how quickly the computer storing your website (the server) starts sending that website to a visitor (the client) trying to access it. This aspect of site speed is largely out of the control of your web developer, website administrator or your SEO company. Quite simply, no matter how well your website is put together, how lightweight, and fast it is, or even how much SEO it has had, if you web hosting provider is not pulling their weight and your server speed is low, your website speed will be slower than it can be, and your rankings will suffer.

A slow server speed typically means that your provider has out-of-date software, hardware, or worse, both. They could also be overloaded with hundreds (if not thousands) of websites competing for what little resources there are available. Very often they suffer from all the above problems at the same time. This is especially true of big-name web hosts who will sometimes even intentionally slow down small business websites when their large corporate clients require more of these limited server resources. At Benjam.Network, we know we have the fastest hardware available, and we guarantee to never over sell the resources on any server – ensuring your website loads at the maximum speed, 24/7, all year round, no matter the size of your business.

What is Site Load?

Site load is the amount of time it takes for the first parts of your website to appear to your visitor once the server has started delivering the data to the client, this is the second step right after server speed. While a highly skilled web developer or a trusted SEO agency can help you to improve your site load, a high-end web host can provide you with the foundation you need to make their optimisations meaningful.